The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Friends, Family and Colleagues

I trust this holiday season finds you in good health, sincere happiness and surrounded by those you love. In the spirit of health and happiness, I am thrilled to introduce you to my new venture; CE2 Partners. As a founding partner, I am pursuing my passion for helping organizations see their business in new and different ways and turning their ambitious ideas into tangible, transformative growth.

What we do:
Create Immediate value to your business strategy and execution:
o Organizational Capacity & Agility
o Market Entry & Competitive Position
o Find & Deliver Additional Cash Flow

Who we do it for:
Market-facing departments inclusive of:
o Executive Leadership
o Sales & Marketing
o Product Development

Small & Mid-Market Companies:
o Executing major strategic initiatives
o Going for step-change in market/customer access
o Redefining the roles of intermediaries
o Forces that limit ambition

Meet the Partners:

Steve Baker LinkedIn 

Katie Hoch LinkedIn

What Katie has to say about Steve:
When I met Steve 10 years ago, I instantly knew he was different from traditional business leaders I had worked with. His ability to think broadly and strategically to structure, navigate and grow business is refreshing and inspiring. Steve has effect. He deeply connects to people, quickly gains their support through listening and trust which repeatedly has led to positive, lasting change. Steve’s leadership generating unfounded growth in multiple organizations hardly touches the way he lights up a room with his immediate likability and contagious laughter. I am thrilled to be partnering with him on this exciting new business venture.

What Steve has to say about Katie:

Katie is an honest, smart, courageous executive. Her business acumen has wowed me from the minute I initially interviewed her for a role in the industrial equipment industry where she had no previous experience. She has an astute mind for strategy, development and execution – a rare combination. Her unconventional ideas have helped change the course of organizations time and again. Katie is the definition of tenacious. Her determination to see important projects come to life is resolute. And it’s a good thing that’s in her DNA, because the skills that she brings require big determination, fiery passion, and a lot of heart. Her ability to draw people in and present exciting data-backed business plans is an art. Did I mention she is a mom too? I am thrilled to partner with Katie and can’t wait to introduce her to my network and our future clients.


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