Project Info

Industrial distributor in a highly cyclical industry looks for ways to grow sales profitably, reduce risk and increase enterprise value.

Client: Distributor of industrial equipment and market leader in a highly competitive environment.

Challenge: Core product sales running on relatively short sales cycles and increasing pressure on margins.

Objective: The company’s goal was to identify adjacent bolt-on product lines or acquire a distributor of adjacent product lines to drive profitable growth and diversification.  CE2 Partners role was to identify and vet targets.


Report-Out Details Included:

  • Required Investments

  • How the target will create strategic and economic value for the company

  • The market-shaping it will take to win

  • The integration plan

Project Details

Operational Scope: Executive Team, Board

Objective: Grow profitably while diversifying risk

Industry: Industrial Equipment Distribution, B2B

Company: Private Company, Upper Middle Market

Executive Sponsor: COO