Project Info

Middle Market B2B Company Challenged by Online Retailers with Far Reaching Digital Platforms. 

Client: Manufacturer of durable office products traditionally sold through B2B resellers and brick and mortar storefronts.


Challenge:  Facing channel disruption and competition for their online B2B resellers. These legacy B2B resellers began experiencing the encroachment of B2C online resellers with similar products. Competitively these new online resellers vastly reached businesses with their powerful digital platforms, satisfied customers with excellent service, and offered availability and ease of ordering. New leadership believed their products could be sold through both B2B and B2C online channels but lacked the skills and resources to investigate how it would work and what they would get from it financially. They also sought to understand the impacts to their customers and intermediaries, their operational model and their long-term competitive position.


Objective: Develop a strategy to combat the encroaching B2C resellers while maintaining and growing the current business.



  • Developed perspective on B2C channel in terms of capabilities, customer benefits, factors of profitability and how to get in

  • Established relationships with key B2C channel participants

  • Analyzed customer data sets to determine organic growth and customer overlap

  • Overcame price concerns created by this multi-channel set up via the launch of a company-wide, harmonized pricing setup

  • Worked with product teams to create B2C products that were quickly customizable allowing inventory levels to remain relatively low without impacting availability to customer

Project Details

Objective: Develop a counter-strategy to encroaching B2C resellers

Operational Scope: Executive Team, Sales, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Product & Pricing Development, Product Support, Intermediaries, Customers

Industry: Manufacturing, B2B Durable Products

Current G-T-M Model: Direct, 1-Step (from Value-Add Distributors to Transactional Resellers)

Company: Public Company, Middle Market Division

Executive Sponsor: Division CEO