Project Info

$20M manufacturer of energy systems prepares for initial discussions with prospective brokers, investment bankers and valuation firms

Challenge: Ownership’s goal was to present the company as an exciting investment prior to initial valuation discussions with brokers, investment bankers and valuation firms. They wanted accurately portray the company for its true potential early in the process and not as an industry statistic with a generic multiple, and get beyond simply adding context to the numbers. CE2 Partners’ role was to prove out growth opportunities for the business beyond their reach with the intention of exciting the educated buyers. This included profiling the opportunity, quantifying how it will create economic and strategic value, defining the operational model required to execute and the products, pricing and market-shaping it will take to win. They realized this was important work that could materially impact the price paid for their business but lacked the bandwidth and expertise do it. Along the way, we were also able to provide the owners data-based insights to the economic outcomes and efforts required for other strategic options including continuing to grow the company organically, recapitalize and potentially acquire a bolt-on company or simply doing nothing.

Objective: Value Creation, Strategic Alternatives


Agreed Upon Solution:

  • Prove out existing growth opportunities including their strategic and economic value and what it will take to win

  • Investigate other value creation strategies including accelerated organic growth, recapitalization and bolt-an acquisitions

  • Prepare a Board-level report summarizing options

Project Details

Objective: Create buyer excitement, qualify alternative strategic options

Operational Scope: Ownership team, CFO, Board

Industry: Industrial Energy Systems & Services,

Company: Private Company, Lower Middle Market

Executive Sponsor: COO