Project Info

Middle Market Company Struggles for Growth Against Constraints of Legacy Go-To-Market Setups

Challenge: Through acquisitions and organic growth initiatives, the company had accumulated 4 stand-alone brands and 6 channels to market, all competing for the same customer profile with very similar value propositions and without intention leaving ~40% of the overall market unaddressed. The complex go-to-market setup was driving down margins, driving up working capital and operational complexity, ignored a large group of accessible customers and confused and frustrated customers and intermediaries alike.


Project Focus: Reach more customers at a lower cost with clear and distinct brand/product positions and reduced operational complexity.


Agreed Upon Solution:

  • 3-brand, tiered value structure. Distribution and brand/product strategies were aligned; the most featured, highly functional products and service sold and delivered by the with the industry’s best value-add dealers. Low cost, defeatured products and services sold through transactional intermediaries (including online) with lower channel costs.

  • Harmonized pricing and product specifications across the entire portfolio to facilitate right products being sold in the right place at the right price and service level.

  • Robust cross- sell programs were established that improved the company’s ability to compete.

  • Go-to-market organizations including sales, marketing and product management were redesigned to align with and facilitate the new go-to-market setup strategy.

  • Operational complexity was reduced in procurement, engineering, manufacturing and marketing as a result of fewer brands, fewer SKUs and a more coordinated effort between sales/brand teams.

  • Additionally, customers can now buy the way they want seamlessly across the company’s wide range of solutions, without stressing systems or relationships.


For the most part, the names of our consulting clients and their financial results are confidential. We are happy to provide references upon serious inquiries.

Project Details

Objective: Sales Growth Through Market Expansion

Operational Scope: Sales, Marketing, Price Management, Product Engineering, IT, Legal, Finance, Intermediaries and Strategic Partners

Industry: Manufacturing, B2B Industrial Products

Current G-T-M Model: 1-Step Distribution, Value-Add Distributors

Company: Public Company, Middle Market Division