Our Services

First consultation is always complimentary. Hourly, project or outcome-based fee structures available. 

Cost Reduction is 100% contingency-based. Fees are paid only from actual realized savings.

New Market Entry

Companies strive for diversity in market, channel or customer in order to accelerate growth, reduce risk and increase enterprise value. We bring the insight, robust analytics, approach and implementation support to ensure your Go-To-Market initiatives. We give you confidence in the likely strategic and financial outcomes and stay with you through successful implementation.

  • Profile new markets, quantify how they will create strategic and economic value, determine the products, pricing and market-shaping it will take to win
  • Advise on the most effective operational models for facing off with new markets
  • Work with the broader organization to “teach” the opportunity, how it works and how they will benefit, and identify and plan for the operational impacts
  • Ongoing financial planning, analysis and reporting
Current Market Growth

We partner with you to solve your most challenging problems and succeed with your most ambitious initiatives. We work with your executive team and go-to-market operators to:

  • Understand and react to market structure changes, market economics, the power balance in channel operations and customer interfaces, customer behavior and competitive position
  • Devise and implement price strategies that maximize EBITDA
  • Conceive and implement market, channel and customer diversification strategies.
  • Improve operational agility through people and processes, providing you additional bandwidth to pursue more growth opportunities.
Integrations & Consolidations

Our experience with integrations and consolidations and owning the results runs deep. Our work includes integrating new organizations, organizations that have not worked well together in the past, or integrating to achieve a strategic advantage. We begin with organizational design and carry through to a fully implemented operating model. Along the way, we instill a culture of situational awareness, fact-based decision-making, and accelerated profitable growth.  We partner with organizations striving to:

  • Harmonize operating models, channel, price and product strategy for new acquisitions or existing businesses.
  • Reduce working capital and the operational complexity that comes with running similar or redundant go-to-market operations.
  • Consolidate businesses or revenue streams to increase market, price and channel leverage.
Critical Junctures & M&A Advisory

We work with owners and ownership groups at critical junctures where the end game may not be defined and/or change of control is a consideration and they need absolute clarity on their strategic options. Our work compares your options in terms of their revenue/profit generating potential, the effort required, the impacts to the organization and how each option aligns with ownership’s ultimate objective. The perspectives we develop are what business valuation firms, brokers, investment bankers and, most important, buyers are looking for – a professional, evidence-based roadmap for profitable, accelerated growth, diversification and value creation.

Cash Flow Improvement & Funding Growth

We deliver cash to fund your organization’s most ambitious initiatives by reducing expenses in indirect categories, where you lack deep experience or bandwidth. We focus on a broad range of spend categories bringing next level price intelligence on expense categories:

  • You are not reviewing regularly
  • Where you don’t have or want deep expertise
  • That take resources away from bigger priorities
Board & Fractional Executive Positions

Our past and present Board experience includes for profit and not-for-profit organizations ranging from start-ups to established entities. We have public company P&L ownership experience to $450M and our passion is helping organizations develop their mission and purpose and go to market profitably. We are collaborative and deeply experienced in working cross-functionally and with diverse groups, Board-level planning and decision-making, managing financial resources, committee work and assessing and developing people and companies. Our fractional executive work includes general management and business development roles.

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