Our Services

First consultation is always complimentary. Hourly, project or outcome-based fee structures available. 

Cost Reduction is 100% Contingency-based. Fees are paid only from actual realized savings.

New Market Entry & G-T-M Strategy

Whether struggling to achieve diversity in market, channel or customer or looking to meaningfully enter a new market or industry, we bring the insight, robust analytics, approach and implementation support to ensure your Go-To-Market initiatives succeed. We give you confidence in the likely strategic and financial outcomes.

  • Profile new and existing markets, quantify how they will create strategic and economic value, determine the operational model required to execute, and the products, pricing and market-shaping it will take to win.
  • Conceive market/channel/customer diversification strategies to accelerate growth, eliminate risk and increase enterprise value.
  • Harmonize operating models, channel, price and product strategy for multi-channel/multi-market businesses and closely related acquisitions.
  • Hands-on implementation from operating executives with a track record of delivering step-change results.
Organizational Agility

We determine an organization’s readiness and agility to achieve its most ambitious market-facing initiatives. Do you have the people, processes, systems and product to align with your target market? Is the broader organization ready to go and can they sustain the effort through to commercial success? We bring leadership skills, experience spanning multiple industries and approaches, and roll-up-your-sleeves implementation support to catapult our client’s success.

  • Advise on the most effective operational models for go to market teams
  • Anticipate roadblocks and prepare solutions that surround major initiatives and their impact on the broader organization
  • Guide teams on managing cross-functional dependencies and achieving financial efficiency
  • Objective, experienced advice on investment mix in go-to-market areas to produce the best financial outcomes
Acquisitive Growth & Divestiture

Experts at integrating complimentary acquisitions and harmonizing the post-acquisition G-T-M mix including product, pricing, distribution, and recommending post-acquisition G-T-M operating models.


Our cash flow expertise creates quick incremental value through expense reductions in indirect spend areas where companies lack resource or deep understanding, using an offsite process that does not interrupt early-stage integration work. Our goal is to convert 1% of topline to bottom line.



When gearing up to sell a company, we define and provide a roadmap to a larger addressable market that is actionable for new owners, driving up price. We answer the “What’s next?” question that is typically top of mind for prospective buyers.

Interim Executive Assignments

Over 40 years of operational experience across multiple industrial/commercial industries, including leading P&Ls to $450M and EBITDA to over $100M, CE2 can easily step into leadership gaps from maintaining operational continuity to implementing major initiatives that involve substantial changes.  Experienced decision-makers with roots in leading companies on a full-time basis and deep expertise in getting issues identified and unstuck. Quick to learn new businesses, make organizational and financial impact.

  • Assist entrepreneurs and independent companies that lack corporate infrastructure
  • Support board members, private equity funds, and full-time executive teams
  • Project work where a full-time presence is necessary for an extended time (up to 90 days)
  • Restructuring and “change agent” roles
Board Positions

Experienced Board of Directors contributors in the functional areas of business development, distribution, integration, and organizational agility. We cater to both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

– Current and past held board positions –

  • Advisory Board member, CD3
  • Board member, Federal Signal Environmental & Sanitary Vehicle Co.
  • Board member, Environmental Products Group, Inc
  • Board member, Waste Equipment Technology Association (now NWRA)
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