Complimentary Consultation

Our goal is to create economic value as quickly as possible. Using our strategy consulting expertise, we bring guidance to small and mid-market companies that result in quick wins for go-to-market teams, and increase your organization’s cash flow to execute on your most important initiatives.

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New Market Entry & G-T-M Strategy Consulting
Whether struggling to achieve diversity in channel, customer, and market or looking to meaningfully enter a new market or industry, we bring the insight, data, business strategy, and implementation support to help you succeed. We give you confidence in the likely strategic and financial outcomes.
Acquisitive Growth & Divestiture
Experts at integrating complimentary acquisitions and harmonizing the post-acquisition go-to-market mix including product, pricing, distribution and organizational setups. When gearing up to sell your company, we define and map out a clear pathway to a larger addressable market that increases your enterprise value.
Organizational Agility
We determine an organization’s readiness and agility to achieve its most ambitious market-facing initiatives. Do you have the optimal operational model: including the people, processes, systems and product to align with your target market? We bring roll-up-your-sleeves implementation support to catapult our clients success.
Cash Flow Improvement
We deliver cash to fund your most important initiatives. Our focus is to reduce expenses in indirect categories where you lack deep expertise and bandwidth. Our goal is to deliver 1%+ of your top line to your bottom line while keeping the impact to your organization at a minimum. For acquisitions, we create incremental value within the first 90 days of ownership without disrupting your integration work.

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Revenue Growth
Cost Reduction Projects

 Helping companies succeed in new markets!


The Approach

As a solution-driven and implementation-based management consulting firm, we create immediate value by bringing guidance that result in quick wins for go-to-market teams including executive leadership, planning & business development, sales and marketing, product development and channel partners. Our cash flow practice delivers cash to fund your most important initiatives.

Our clients hire us to accelerate growth. We understand middle market companies struggling to achieve diversity in channel, customer and market, missing opportunities to accelerate growth, eliminate risk and maximize enterprise value. We affirm developing business strategy to turn ideas into actionable investments. In conjunction, we reduce operational costs in indirect spend categories, increasing cash flow. When done together, we fund and execute growth simultaneously.



Our Team

Steve Baker
Steve Baker
Katie Hoch
Katie Hoch

Profile of Current Projects

  • New Market Entry and G-T-M Business Strategy Consulting: Qualify New Market Opportunities; Size Target Market; Validate Target Customer; Determine/Improve Competitive Positioning, Project Financial Outcomes
  • Organizational Agility: Optimize G-T-M operational model for accelerated sales growth and new market opportunities.
  • Value Creation for Acquisition and Divestitures: Increase enterprise value by clearly defining and mapping out growth opportunities to the level of being actionable for new owners or prospective buyers.
  • Cash Flow Improvement: Find and deliver additional cash flow delivering 1%+ of top line
New Market Entry & G-T-M Strategy85%
Organizational Agility65%
Acquisitive Growth & Divestiture30%
Cash Flow Improvement80%

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