New Market Entry, Existing Markets & Renewal
Whether struggling to achieve diversity in channel, customer, or market OR to meaningfully enter a new industry, we bring the insight, data, business strategy, and implementation support to help you succeed. We give you confidence in the likely strategic and financial outcomes. For companies under-performing in current markets, our work focuses on quickly identifying the operational, competitive or market shaping factors and conceiving, planning and executing an evidence-based turnaround plan.
Integrations & Consolidations
As former middle market operators, we have significant experience integrating go-to-market operations when acquisitions take place or business units or departments are combined. Our work focuses on eliminating operational complexity and generating new cash flow; transitioning to new operating models; harmonizing product positions, pricing and sales channels; and improving customer value.
Critical Junctures & M&A Advisory
We work with companies at critical junctures striving to define and understand the exact nature of their strategic options. This can range from a change in control to a defined road-map for growth. We also serve companies in decline or distress seeking to accurately assess their situation and how to move forward. Our goal is that you are always fully informed on your options and the outcomes.
Cash Flow Improvement & Funding Growth
When forming CE2 partners and after having led middle market P&Ls, it was paramount that we connect the dots between planning and executing growth…and funding it. Our Cost Reduction Practice finds and delivers cash to fund growth. We do this by reducing costs in indirect spend categories where you lack deep expertise or bandwidth, using a contingency-fee-based model.

Years Combined Experience
Revenue Growth

 Helping companies succeed in new markets!


The Approach

Our clients hire us to accelerate growth. We understand middle market companies struggling to achieve diversity in channel, customer and market, missing opportunities to capture growth, eliminate risk and maximize enterprise value. We affirm developing business strategy to turn ideas into actionable investments. In conjunction, we reduce operational costs in indirect spend categories, increasing cash flow. When done together, we fund and execute growth simultaneously.

Our solution-driven and implementation-based approach creates immediate value by bringing guidance that result in quick wins for go-to-market teams including executive leadership, planning & business development, sales and marketing, product development and channel partners. We don’t just develop a road map to success, we walk the path with you.


Our Team

Steve Baker
Steve Baker
Katie Hoch
Katie Hoch

Profile of Current Projects

  • New Market Entry, Existing Markets & Turnarounds: Qualify New Market Opportunities; Size Target Market; Validate Target Customer; Determine/Improve Competitive Positioning; Understand the Why Behind Decline in Performance; Project Financial Outcomes
  • Integrations: Eliminate operational complexity that accompany acquisitions and generate cash flow. This work touches people, processes, products, pricing and overall improvement to the customer experience
  • M&A & Maximizing Enterprise Value:  Sell side experience increasing enterprise value by adding context to numbers and clearly defining and mapping out growth opportunities to the level of being actionable for new owners or prospective buyers. Buy Side due diligence assessing the validity of growth opportunities, identifying inflection points and determining the prospect and buyer’s overall readiness and effectiveness when combined.
  • Cash Flow Improvement & Funding Growth: Find and deliver additional cash flow delivering 1%+ of top line to the bottom line.
New Market Entry, Existing Markets & Turnarounds85%
Integrations & Consolidations35%
Critical Junctures & M&A Advisory65%
Cash Flow Improvement & Funding Growth80%

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