CE2 Partners is your strategy-through-execution partner.

We base our recommendations on economic and strategic value creation: 

Who We Are & Why We Exist

We exist to serve middle and lower-middle market executives on their greatest commercial hurdles. Whether dealing with the complexities of growth and diversification, hitting a plateau, or experiencing a decline, CE2 Partners has the insight and tools to build actionable solutions. 

Gaps We Saw

Outside Industry Know-How: Outside industry or adjacent industry knowledge just didn’t exist. We didn’t understand, and we didn’t have anyone to find out, with accuracy, how these players made moves successfully.

Getting to a “Yes”: Saying NO to powerful and profitable game-changers like new pricing strategies or new routes to market because the fundamental questions that lead to a YES couldn’t be answered with the data and intelligence at hand.

Price Potential: Leaving opportunities for EBITDA growth behind because price decision-makers and influencers underestimated their pricing power–and lacked actionable data, insights, and an underlying culture geared toward responsibly maximizing price. 

Legacy Setups: Allowing legacy selling setups and influential channel partners to constrain growth and profit-taking opportunities.

New Businesses/Revenue Streams: Strategic ideas never developed into actionable strategic options with predictable and comparable outcomes. 

We value meeting executives, learning their business, and becoming a trusted resource.

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